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Xerographica Air Plant

Tillandsia Xerographica is an air plant native to Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  It is much larger than most air plants...ours are typically 5" high and 8" wide.  It is prized for its beautiful silvery light green leaves that curl and spiral around themselves to form a somewhat spherical appearance.  This makes it particularly attractive for table top displays or even wedding bouquets.  It is slow to bloom and propagate, but when it does bloom, it produces a spectacular spike with yellow and red colors.


Light/Temperature: Bright filtered light with some light sun is recommended. Optimum temperature range for Tillandsias is 50 - 90 degrees F.  Don’t let your plant freeze!

Water: Xerographicas are hearty and need less water than other air plants.  Thoroughly wet your plant once every week or two for best results. You can also change the look of your Xerographica by the amount you water it: less water will cause its leaves to be more tightly curled, while more frequent waterings will cause the leaves to loosen a bit for a fuller shape. After wetting your plants thoroughly, turn them upside down and gently shake off the excess water…plants are prone to rot if any part is kept wet for long periods. Do not keep plants constantly wet or moist.  

Fertilizer: Air plants will grow and bloom better if given a monthly feeding of a low nitrogen fertilizer.  The Shop at Bok sells fertilizer packs that are specially formulated for air plants.

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