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5-Piece Tillandsia Hanging Display

This display features five air plants that are staggered along a length of sturdy fishing line approximately 32" long that gives them a beautiful floating effect. The air plants are conveniently prestrungyou can immediately suspend them to create a stunning vertical arrangement that will enhance any home!  You can also purchase multiple displays if you would like to fill an open space with an array of these eye-catching plants.

The air plants are attached to the fishing line by an interlocking snap that makes it easy to switch them out if you so desire.  There are two types of air plants you can choose from to create your arrangement:  Tillandsia Abdita or Tillandsia Stricta.  

Tillandsia Abdita has soft rectangular leaves that spread out to be about 5-7 inches wide. Normally a bright green color, the leaves naturally turn a fiery red when the plant begins to transition into bloom. When blooming, the flowers have violet petals with red/pink bracts.  Our Abditas have been enhanced with a red floral tint that is safe for the plant so you can instantly enjoy its natural bloom color.

Tillandsia Stricta has thin, slightly curved leaves that spread out to be about 5-7 inches wide. When it matures, it produces a white bloom stalk topped with pink modified leaves known as bracts, from which small purple flowers will emerge.  The flowers will last only a day, but the showy pink bracts can remain beautiful for almost 3 months.

After the air plants have bloomed, they will normally develop 1 to 3 new air plants at the base of the mother plant known as pups.  The pups can be removed once they reach the size of the mother plant or they can be left intact to form a clumping display.

Care: Provide your air plants bright indirect light and good air circulation. They like temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees but will not survive in freezing temperatures. You will need to water your plants 1-2 times per week by thoroughly wetting the leaves.  Air plants will grow and bloom better if given a monthly feeding of bromeliad fertilizer.  The Shop at Bok sells fertilizer packs that are specially formulated for air plants.

Note:  If you would like to create a custom arrangement, such as a combination of Abditas and Strictas, feel free to call or e-mail our gift shop and we will be happy to help you.  You can also enter your customized request in the "Leave a note" section when checking out.   

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