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The Florida Quiz Book

So how much do you know about Florida?  Here's your chance to find out.  The Florida Quiz Book has over 2,500 questions and answers on topics like Agriculture, Architecture, Art, the Economy, Ecosystems, the Environment, Plants, Animals, Geology, Geography, History, the Keys, Law, Literature, Meteorology, the Oceans and Coastline, Parks, Space Science, and good old general Florida statistics.  

Use this book to learn about Florida – or if you are a Florida teacher, to teach about Florida.  The Florida Quiz Book is also good on the reference shelf – or in the backseat during a long car ride with the kids.  Use it for yourself or to try to stump your friends.

Do you know:

  • Is the Everglades fresh or salt water?
  • When did Florida become a state?
  • Where is the Fruit and Nut Park?
  • What is the state butterfly?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more!

Author:  Hollee Temple /  Format:  paperback /  Length: 246 pages

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