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Suncatcher - "Make You the World"

This beautifully hand-painted Amia glass oval (measuring 5" by 7") depicts Edward Bok's famous quote: "Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it." Flourished with birds and flowers, this lovely sun-catcher is the perfect addition to any window.

Dating back to Ancient Egypt and Rome, colored glass boasts humble beginnings in painted vases and small jeweled objects.  In the 4th and 5th centuries, a stained glass effect was achieved by filling early Christian church windows with thinly sliced alabaster, but the art form did not reach it's peak until the Middle Ages.  Medieval glass blended perfectly with the elaborate Gothic architecture of the time, affording more ornate and intricate designs and colors to adorn the windows of European cathedrals.  Still celebrated today, glass painting honors the modest origins of stained windows while employing environmentally-friendly lead-free techniques.


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