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Gallberry Honey With Honeycomb

This all-natural, raw gallberry honey is locally produced by the Bee-Haven Honey Farm.  Gallberry is a small evergreen holly bush that grows along the South Atlantic and Gulf coast.  In the springtime the bushes blossom with white flowers, which drip nectar and then turn into little black berries. 

Our honey is extra special because it’s enhanced by many other native wildflowers that grow in the Osceola National Forest.  Bees that have access to gallberry bushes produce a very mild, light-colored honey with a rich floral flavor.  It is also high in pollen and enzymes, and is slow to crystallize. 

This honey comes in a 1-lb jar with a large chunk of honeycomb that is bursting with flavor.  You can enjoy the honeycomb by eating a small piece and chewing on the wax like a piece of gum.  When the flavor runs out, you can simply spit out the wax and look forward to your next taste of this delicious treat.

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