Bok Tower Gardens Wooden Puzzle

The history of puzzles dates back to 17th century England in which cartographers pasted maps onto wood and cut them into pieces.  This idea blossomed into an effective method of teaching children geography; years later, puzzles broadened into the adult arena as challenging obscurities during the U.S. puzzle-craze of 1908. It was a requirement for a puzzle to be present at any house party, and people from all ages and walks-of-life were taking part in the frenzy. Today, puzzles are still enjoyed by all, and have become a fun and challenging collector's piece for many landmarks, works of art, and whimsical imagery.

This 40 piece custom puzzle is ~3.5 x 5in and includes 5 unique “whimsy” pieces of notable landmarks throughout the gardens, including the Tower, a bell, a squirrel, the Peace Lantern, and the Yellin bird on the Tower gate.  Inspired by classic Victorian puzzle-makers, the whimsy pieces add a unique aspect to your puzzle-solving experience.

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