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Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles

From Sassafras to Dandelions to Wild Onions and Garlic, readers will enjoy the flavors of the Sunshine State in an all new way with this helpful book. Florida is filled with an abundance of native plants with roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds that can provide tasty and nutritious food for people. Salads, teas, soups, and even breads can be made from flora that grows wild and can be foraged throughout the year. This guide offers identification tips, recipes, and other useful information for foragers interested in venturing out to sample the bounty of the land. Clear pen-and-ink illustrations aid in identification of leaf, fruit, and root shapes—key to harvesting the delicious and interesting plants that can be found throughout the state.

 Author: Deuerling & Lantz / Format: paperback  / Length: 106 pages

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